Looking for new covers!!!

Looking for a new 
Dark Academy cover!!!

As the title says I am looking for people who would love to create a new cover for Dark Academy. 
The cover will replace the one that I have one wattpad for a while.
If there are lots of covers I will chose the best ones to be shown for an amount of time each time.
For example I could have a different cover every time I upload a new chapter.
The cover has to do with the story , you don't need to write something on it unless you have think or created of a special font for the tittle and the others stuff.
 If you want to write on the image too then what there must be written on it is:

Dark Academy ( as the main tittle)
Dark Secrets Series 1 (as a subtittle)
(By) blackink95

as examples you could use the ones that I have already create:

I would also love if you created some banners from scenes or quotes from the story till the chapter you've read.

I will keep you all updated if something change...

If you want to make something you will need to comment below informing on what you'll do and what your name is.

Then you have to sent what you made on my e-mail with subject your name.

This is the first time that I am making something like this and I can't wait to see what you are going to make guys!!!

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