Goodbye Cassie...

We'll miss you Cassie...

On 19th of July a very young and talented (mostly erotica) author left our side...

Cassandra Grahams was in a coma after an accident for seven months and even though the doctors said everything was going good she passed away few days ago.

I had read some of her stories and I was a great fan of her.
She seemed to be a very good and funny person and it's a shame that I didn't meet her.
You can find her stories and a bit of information about her at her wattpad profile:

While she was in coma her boyfriend used to write messages informing us about her condition and he was the one who announced us her death. Her funeral was at 23rd of July.

I would like to give my greetings in her family.

I am not good with that kind of stuff, wishes, greetings etc.

And it might not be right to say that I knew how she felt but I do. I used to be depressed a lot, I am still sometimes now and it may be hard but I did try to cut desperately my wrists sometimes in the past but I didn't. I didn't because in the end I decided it wasn't worth of it, it wasn't worth to hurt myself for what some others did to me.
I don't know the reasons why Cassie tried to commit suicide in the past.
I know that the reason of my depression was that I used to be bullied for six years and it was awful. It took me six years to understand what was wrong and that it wasn't me. Two years ago I decided to change my way of thinking and become a better person for myself. Now, eight years later, I am feeling much better. I may be depressed sometimes but is better than before. At least now I don't need to take some medicine to make me happy. XD

And to Cassie's boyfriend, Tristan, I know you are mad and I wish I could tell you sweet words just like everyone else did. I wish I could tell you that I know how you feel but I don't think I can. I didn't lose someone that I love recently like you and it's been a lot of years since someone that I love died, too many that I was too young to remember. What I know is the fear of losing your home from fire, the fear of losing someone you love from crazy people or from a car accident and the fear of losing your own life.

I wish to you, Tristan, to never feel that kind of pain again. To never happen to you again what happened and to never feel the fear of losing someone or something that you love. But most of all I wish you to never lose yourself and your life.

And because I know how much you loved her I wish you to never forget her...


Looking for new covers!!!

Looking for a new 
Dark Academy cover!!!

As the title says I am looking for people who would love to create a new cover for Dark Academy. 
The cover will replace the one that I have one wattpad for a while.
If there are lots of covers I will chose the best ones to be shown for an amount of time each time.
For example I could have a different cover every time I upload a new chapter.
The cover has to do with the story , you don't need to write something on it unless you have think or created of a special font for the tittle and the others stuff.
 If you want to write on the image too then what there must be written on it is:

Dark Academy ( as the main tittle)
Dark Secrets Series 1 (as a subtittle)
(By) blackink95

as examples you could use the ones that I have already create:

I would also love if you created some banners from scenes or quotes from the story till the chapter you've read.

I will keep you all updated if something change...

If you want to make something you will need to comment below informing on what you'll do and what your name is.

Then you have to sent what you made on my e-mail with subject your name.

This is the first time that I am making something like this and I can't wait to see what you are going to make guys!!!

Dark Academy Gallery

Dark Academy Photo Gallery

So, here I present you some photos and characters I've made, found and think for Dark Secrets Series. The following are mostly for Dark Academy but the characters' image will be the same.

I have also posted them on photobuchet: http://s1151.photobucket.com/user/Stella_Zografou/story/58837

I had posted and uploaded some of them on my chapters on wattpad but since photobucket changed they weren't able to be shown....

The first draft cover that I had made in case I couldn't made the original one I was thinking of...

The original... (but I believe it needs more work and a few changes...)

Some main characters...

Banners that I made from the story....

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 5

End...for now... =3

Widbook Interview!!!

My Widbook Interview!

Remember when I told about an interview that I was asked to give because of my story Bloody Witch?
Well, here it is! I posted here just like it is in widbook's blog. And I have to say that the widbook team posted everything that I said to them through our e-mail conversation (okay, they cut of two sentences but who cares...! XDD ).

June 27, 2013

Interview: Stella Zografou Talks About Dreams, Challenges and the Greek Publishing Industry

Greek writer Stella Zografou just finished high school and one of her books was chosen as the ebook of the week by the Widbook team. We had a conversation via email to learn more about the author writing “Bloody Witch.” She dreams of becoming a famous writer.  Get to know the 18-year-old girl behind the  “blackink” pseudonym:

WIDBOOK – Hi Stella! Congrats on your work. When did you know you had a talent for writing?

STELLA ZOGRAFOU – When I was in junior high (middle school) many of my Greek teachers told me that my writing was good but I never thought of it that much. In my first year in high school I started writing in Greek, my memories of being bullied for a project that my ancient Greek teacher had told me to do in order for the teachers to learn more about bullying and to help me surpass all the bad feelings I had. Since then, I participated in our school magazine and I started writing a fiction thriller in Greek, which later I stopped because of the big amount of homework I had. A year ago I discovered many sites in which I could read English stories and then I decided to write my own ones in English, too. Some of my stories are scripts from my comic and manga series that I am about to start working on soon.

WIDBOOK – What is your favorite style of book?
STELLA - I mostly prefer fiction books, teens and young-adult ones, as a young adult I am. I prefer mostly books that make me feel different emotions at the same time. I want something with action and adventure. I am not that much into just plain romance. It’s something that I can’t explain well.

WIDBOOK – What is most difficult for you when writing?
STELLA - I try to keep my readers interested. I am trying to write each story in a different way and to work on each character the best I can. It’s difficult because there are still many things that I don’t know how to write in English – English is not good in Greek schools, we learn only the basic things. I also have a problem with the “male” point of view, feelings and behavior, but I am working on it. Like other people, many times I have no idea on how the story will flow. Sometimes I have some main parts that I am trying to connect and develop, and many times things don’t go as I was thinking. When I am writing and designing the only thing that I do is to grab a pencil (or whatever else) and start working (my hand leads me).

WIDBOOK – Your book “Bloody Witch,” which was chosen as the book of the week, talks about witches and vampires. Where do you most get inspiration and where do you hope to take the book?

STELLA – For example, in the book “A Discovery of Witches” by Debora Harkness, the main heroes are a witch and a vampire. Witches and vampires are nothing new. For my story, I first thought of a girl who discovers that she comes from a very ancient witch family. There is the church, as always, to try to stop her research and burn her alive. I thought of the vampire idea as a funny threat. Vampires are supposed to be enemies with the church so it is funny that even though they are in war they both want her dead. Everyone believes that witches are bad and the reason of many great disasters, but our heroine and her future witches’ friends are coming from the good ones. It will be a very different story from all the others that I have written, both story and the way of writing. Through that book series (yeah, there will be at least three books) readers will travel in many different countries following the heroine as she tries to discover her family secrets and hidden treasures. There will be adventure, magic, action, trips, history and a split of romance decided by the “evil fates.” Many of my stories come from my dreams, (yeah, very weird dreams), others just pop! I may read a word and behind it create a whole new adventure. So I would say that I don’t have something specific as an inspiration in my life – maybe that’s because I’m a moving inspiration too. What can I say, there’s a reason everyone calls me “real life cartoon or anime.”

WIDBOOK – What is your goal as a writer?
STELLA - I would like to see my stories published and on sale. I would love one day to meet them on a bookstore’s shelf. So, yeah, I would like to work as a writer too. I would love it to have lots of people liking and enjoying my stories, just like I do with other writers’ books too.

WIDBOOK – Which books are you reading at the moment?
STELLA - Well, now that I finished high school I have a lot of free time and I am reading many books at the same time. I just finished the ebook version of “Up In Flames” by Williams Nicole. I started a month ago the book series “House of Comarré” by Krinsten Painter and right now I’m on the third book. I just also finished “Lonely Werewolf Girl” by Martin Millar and I am reading Victoria’s Hislop newest book, “The Last Dance.” I am very eager to find out what people from other countries think of us Greeks. I am also reading “The Circle” by Sara Bergmark Elfgren and Mats Strandberg. I’ve got many more to talk about but I think that’s enough.

WIDBOOK – You are from Greece. How it is the publishing industry doing there?
STELLA - That’s a very difficult question. If you are a young or new writer things aren’t so good. Because of the economical crisis, many Greek Publishing Companies have decreased their work a lot. Due to my own research I can tell you that in the last two years the biggest publishing houses have made an announcement that they are not going to give any money to publish a new writer’s book. The writer will have to pay everything and the company will just give in the book its publishing logo (company’s label name). Smaller or newer publishing companies, on the other hand, accept to read your work and according to what they believe they will cover everything - half, more or less of the book’s publishing money. The readership is something unstable. It’s true that the economical crisis increased the amount of Greek people reading. The prices of books, though, do not help at all. An English fiction book in the United States costs $9, its translated version in Greece costs twice or even three times up the actual price. I’ve found very few books being only two Euros up from its actual price and it was from small publishing houses, Harlequin publishers and thriller publishers. Most readers, mostly teens and young adults and some few older adults, prefer just like me to buy the English version of a book instead of the translated one. Many teenagers prefer to download books through some apps, free from the Internet or just buy the audio book. The government does not help at all. For example, in Germany the government pays some money in order for books’ prices to be low or share some discount coupons in students and families. They try to promote books (translated only) as much as they can. No matter how the Greek School is trying to promote reading books to all students, things are not very good. Most of the teen readers are females, too.

WIDBOOK – Who are your favorite Greek authors?
STELLA - To tell you the truth, it’s kind of difficult to say. There are mostly old ones. Some of them (very few) Adonis Samarakis, Manolis Anagnostakis, Miltos Saxtouris, Takis Sinopoulos, Evgenios Trivizas, Marios Hakkas, Tatiana Gritsi Miliex (her story “A story of a resistance” even though has been published in a very old magazine, is really amazing…). It’s really difficult because all Greek writers are very special people and their writing makes you feel amazing things (every one of them is similar to how we talk about Shakespeare, that special). It is really difficult for me to explain.

WIDBOOK – How do you like Widbook?
STELLA - Well, I am enjoying it a lot. I’ll have to admit that two weeks ago I was still trying to understand how everything works. I like the presentation of the whole site and how the books are being represented. I found the collaboration thing very clever, in other sites you don’t have that, even though I am not going to collaborate in my stories (sorry guys). I’m still discovering the whole site.

WIDBOOK – Where does your artistic name “blackink” come from?
STELLA - That’s a really weird story. A year ago when I started writing in English, I started dreaming, like all teen girls do, of becoming a famous fiction writer. Back then I was thinking about fantasy stories, vampires, witches, demons, angels… “Dark side” fiction as we called it in Greece. So I thought of a name that would create some kind of a mystery and would be connected with the whole dark thing. It could also represent the most ancient tool that was used to write books, the black ink. Since I create my own comic and manga I thought that it was a good name for my artistic self too. It was also something small and easy to remember, catchy, so I like it a lot. The first idea of blackink was the comic-like image of a girl dressed in sassy black dresses with a little bit of gothic Lolita too. I could say that it just popped in my head.

WIDBOOK – You are a designer as well. How important are covers and illustration in a story?
STELLA - Very important. Book covers are the first thing people usually notice, then next is how famous or how many copies it has sold and the description. For book illustrations it’s the same, too. Of course there are times where the cover is better than the story and we should not judge a book by its cover but it’s just the nature of our brain. Like in advertising or products’ packages, presentation and looks are very important. The same goes usually for books. I believe that the cover should be well-worked and chosen according to the story. It should represent the story.

WIDBOOK – Thank you Stella. Much success to you!

That's it! Hope you found it interesting!


Bloody Witch's Illustration at Widbook!

Here it is!!!!

So here it is! This is how it looks like on widbook's homepage with my book's illustration!

I had received a message from Breno Spadotto asking me to describe him a scene or a 
character from my story so that they would make a comic like illustration and put it in their homepage. After a few messages we decided that I would make the illustration and I would send it to them via e-mail.

So here it is! My lil' baby!

They wrote the comment with the white letters...

I had made some other too but sent them only three along with the one on the site.

Bloody Witch

Bloody Witch(2013)

I started writing this one about a couple of months ago. I first posted it on wattpad and later on widbook where it became one of the most popular stories. I was asked for an illustration from a member of widbook creators team so that they would put it in their site's homepage. Few days later it was named as the e-book of the week and I was asked for an interview so that it would be put in their site's blog and media. This is my other story on priority for writing and you can understand now the reason...

"I was passing by the church’s yard returning home when the bells rang four in the afternoon.That was the exact time that I was born…and the exact time my life changed, not only because I was becoming an adult, but because a curse was breaking and a miracle was coming back to life…"

At her 18th birthday Sofia finds out that she comes from a strong witch family that has been hiding for ages. At the same day a letter from one of dead her relatives in New York invites her to meet her family's past there.Very soon though she'll discover that Vampires do exist and, just like the Church, they hate and hunt witches...

What will she do when vampires, priests and evil witches are trying to do exactly what her great grandmother was protecting her from?

So, Sofia is a witch and through this book series we will follow her all around the world during her trip to discover her roots, her family's hidden treasures and other girls just like her. Sofia is a Greek teen and we will follow her from Greece to Istanbul and New York, while later she will travel to Prague, Vienna, Milan and Rome, Spain, London and many other amazing places!
 In our story Vampires has a very big role since they exist in our current world and they live hidden between humans. The story will be some kind of funny as our heroine will struggle to not get burned by the Church's (Both Catholic and Orthodox) and not to get killed my the Vampires too! The funny part is the Vampires and Church are at some kind of a war too, so you can imagine what is going to be like, a real hell!
The series will be at least 3 books.

Chapter 1
Happy 18!

Sunday 24th of March 2013, morning, Greece

“Happy birthday!” , I heard my father whisper to my ear while he moved his hands down my blanket to hug me. He kissed my head and then my cheek. “Time to wake up birthday girl”, and with that he moved his hands to my stomach and started tickling me.
“Dad-ha ha… Dad stop!... Ha ha… I-I’m awake stop!” , with that he stopped, pet my head and got up. “Breakfast is ready” , he got out the room and left the door opened to come some light in. I pulled my blanket up my head and wrapped my around my legs close to my chest just like in its mother’s womb. It was so warm under there that I didn’t want to get out. Too bad that I needed to get up. I pushed my blanket and stuffed animals of me and moved of my cozy bed. I moved out of the room and went straight to the living room to meet my parents. My father was wearing his jacket and kissed my mother. Normally no one worked on Sundays, but a beer’s factory needed some machines in order to produce a new kind of beer with lemon and my dad had to work during the whole weekend to make them. He had also to work tomorrow, even though it was a national celebration.
“Bye dad” , moved my hand up to good bye him. “Happy birthday my love! Come here” , he opened her arms for me and hugged me tight, that wasn’t something we did usually, my mum wasn’t the hugging type of a person. “Oh baby… You’ve grown up so much. You are an adult now…” , she continued stroking my back for a little and then she left me. “I’ll warm some milk, will you wake up Maria?” , she asked me while she was walking towards the kitchen with her back facing me. “Ok” , I went back to my bedroom to wake up my little sister.
I climbed the stairs of her bed and leaned up of her head. “Maria wake up!” , I called her name many times and told her to get up but nothing. Geez! How much can that child sleep! She’s always hard to wake up. She doesn’t wake up no matter how much noise you may make! That is why I always ended teasing and tickling her and that’s exactly what I did.
“Mmm…mm…” , I saw her moving and hiding herself under her blanket. “Stop complaining and get up sleepy one! Mum is making breakfast…” , I continued teasing her. “Nooooo… I don’t want to! What time is it?” . I rolled up my eyes. “Eight and a half” , I told her still tickling her. “I won’t wake up! It’s not twelve o’clock!”
“Maria! Get up now!” , her act was starting getting on my nerves. “Nooooo! Why?”, she wined like a cranky cat. “Because mum said so! Now get up!” , I tried to pull her out of bed.
“Maria! Get up now! You have to study for your English lessons!” , I heard my mother shouting from the kitchen. “Mmm… Why! I wanna sleep…”
“Maria get up! You’ve been sleeping since ten and thirty while all of us we have sleep only for a few hours. Get up! Milk is ready!”
“Ooh! Why you never let me sleep!” , and with that she got up and went straight to the bathroom. That kid never stops complaining about sleeping. I got down her bed and went to the kitchen to eat my breakfast.
Soon Maria came to eat her own. After finishing it I went to change to my clothes and got out to buy a newspaper. Then I went back home and helped my mum to clean up the house. Tonight the whole family, my mother’s sisters and parents and my dad’s parents, would come to see me blow my 18th candles. After cleaning up the whole house, we ate lunch and I study a little bit for my school and my Physics lessons. As student we don’t have only to go to school during morning but to do also some extra lessons in private Education Organizations for some of our school lessons or for a foreign language in order to give for a language certificate. We all had to have lower in English or upper and some other in a second language such as French or German.
Somewhere around three and a half I had to get out to buy some things my mum needed for the night. We were living next to our town’s main church and every hour during the day time only the bells were singing to remind us what time is it. I was passing by the church’s yard returning home when the bells rang four in the afternoon. That was the exact time that I was born…and the exact time my life changed, not only because I was becoming an adult, but because a curse was breaking and a miracle was coming back to life…

Chapter 2
Bloody 18!

Sunday 24th of March 2013, afternoon, Greece
I heard the bells singing the rhythm of four o’clock they used everyday, but it wasn’t a sing to me this time. The exact moment the bells started their happy rhythm I felt my whole body going numb and then an uncontrollable rush of pain took over my body. The shopping bags fell of my arms and I fell on my knees wrapping my hands around my body panting. I felt my whole body on fire and my vision was starting blurring.
I looked up at the red cross in the church’s roof to pray to God for help. Indeed, I found it sparking and throwing red sparkles that were dancing in the air till they meet the ground. Soon there were so many scattered on the ground that it seem like it was on fire. I looked up in the sky to found it dark, with many black clouds cycling the place up of me. There was sun everywhere except for the church where the dark clouds were creating a cyclone eye. The wind got worse and the trees around my started moving violently by its force.
Back to me, the pain didn’t stop, on the contrary it got worse and I started hallucinating. I started watching blood everywhere around me. I saw blood running down the church’s stairs or from the trees, I saw the blood moving towards me while I felt blood coming of me too. Blood was running from my eyes down my face, my hands and my legs too were covered in blood while the other around hadn’t even touch me. I felt my neck burning and my heart was beating so fast that it hurt. I saw the blood that was coming towards me to get up and start its death dance around me so much grace. Like a miracle taken from the fairy tales where the forest fairies could make the water dance around them in different shapes and forms just like that it dance all around me, cycling me, covering me and eating me. That’s when I felt like something inside me broke in thousand little pieces, and soon, the darkness possessed me…

I woke in the sound of my name being called many times. I opened my eyes to find my mum next to me trying to touch while the policemen were dragging her away. I saw my little sister sitting in a corner away from everyone with her legs up her chest, hands wrapped around them and her head leaned between them. There were more policemen around me checking the whole place but no one seemed to notice that I was now awake. I tried to get up but ended as a failure. A policeman close to me though notice my little attempt and ran to me shouting to the others. My mum stopped struggle to get free from the policemen’s grip and they let her go with clear shock on their faces. My mother rushed over me and took me in her arms. There was panic everywhere, people running up and down shouting. I saw Maria’s face moving up meeting my sight, she unfolded herself and tried to move towards me. I felt my mother’s breath on my neck and something water like to fall on my skin while I felt myself being stroked.  
 More cries. More shouts. More panic.
After some time an ambulance came and took me to the nearest emergency hospital. Time passed with exams, check ups and crazy doctors running all over the hallway. Shouting, cursing, swearing.  Panic and craziness everywhere. The funny part is that I never understood the whole thing. I never got why everyone acted like that. I was fine. Totally fine. Well, I was a little bit of tired but after that there was nothing else. 
I had no scars, no injuries, no broken bones, and I was not raped. The policemen were scratching their heads all the time not understanding. They couldn't believe how I had nothing while they had found me in a massive pool of blood. They assured the doctors that I was almost dead back there. Both of them, doctors and policemen, were fighting all the time on what was really going on. I wish I could explain to them too, but I had no idea too. What could I tell them? That I saw blood dancing everywhere?
The worst part is that my whole family was here. Perfect! I just destroyed my eighteenth birthday! I just destroyed their happiness! They have been waited for this moment for a long time ago...
It hurt me deep to see them like that. Worried, afraid, terrified, angry and most of all, lost. They couldn't believe that something like that. Just like every family they were praying and fear for the family's children not get attacked ever in their life. Their fear came true, even though it wasn't really true, well, because I wasn't attacked at all.
After some hours, very long and non-peacefully hours, everything got a little quiet and finally I could get some rest. This whole madness drove me crazy. I was lost in my thoughts without noticing what my relatives were doing. I was thinking about all that happened. The red cross, the pain and all that blood, god, no one would ever believe me if I talked about all that. I couldn't get what was all those...weird things that happened back there.
I felt some movement close to me and I flinch a little. "Shh... It's okay sweetie, it's me, daddy", with all that thinking I had forgot about my dad. He had come from his work the moment my mother called him from the hospital. He had dropped whatever they were doing in his job and came immediately. Hell, he have even fight with the doctors and the policemen. I think that he might even punch some of them. I was glad they didn't arrest him for that.
He moved and sit on the bed next to me. My mother came and sat next to me from the other site, making me feel like a sandwich. She started touching my hair and giving me sweet kisses on my forehead. After a while I felt me father moving his weight  and then his hand went to his back pocket. He then brought his hand forward and tended it to me. There was an old yellow brown envelope in his palm. I looked at him with question.
"It's yours. I found it in our post box when I passed from our house to take some things your mother told me to. It's for you", I tended my hand and took the envelope. Everyone in the room, even the doctors and the policemen that were on the door's frame, moved closer to me looking at it with wonder. I felt something heavy on my legs and found Maria sitting next to them facing me and the envelope with fear and scruple.
I looked at all of them and gulped. That was feeling so weird, what did they thought it was? A bomb?
I moved my gaze back to the envelope. I read the dates that was written on it. It said that it was given to the Hellenic Post Office on 23rd of September on 2000, that's almost thirteen years back. There wasn't any name for the one who post, it said only that it came from the U.S.A.. There was also my name and a note that the letter must be given to me on 24th of March of 2013.
I tried to open the envelope but ended ripping it in the back. Damn, that glue was hard for sure! I pushed my hand inside and took out two pieces of paper. The one was folded in the middle while the other seemed to be something like a ticket. I look at it better and indeed it was a real air ticket. It wrote Turkish Airways Tickets. There wasn't any date written on the flight information box, it was blank with a small black star which lead you to a note that said this ticket was bound to be used whenever the user wanted to.
My head started hurting as more questions started popping in my head. Who sent me that? Why from America? And why should I go to Turkey? 
I decided that there must be some king of an answer in the folded piece of paper. It was yellow, probably from the amount of time that has passed. I unfolded it and move it closer to me not wanting anyone else to read it before me.
If you want answers then you should follow my leads.
Under that there were some instructions on where I should go and what to do. I would fly to Constantinople, also known as Istanbul. It told me in what hotel I should stay and some other things. It wrote also that I had to go to Çatalca, a city and a rural district close to Istanbul, and that was because this small city was exactly the place that my grandmother's family was chased away from...

Chapter 3
Bulletproof Trip?

1st of May, 2013, Istanbul

I placed my hands on the balcony’s metal bar while I was breathing in the magnificent night view of the city. All the lights of the high skyscrapers created a very ethereal feeling; it remind me of some night photos I’d seen from New Work, Shanghai  or Miami. This was so not Miami though. This place was made out of futuristic stories, making it look like a sci-fi movie. A place where technology and luxury meets poverty and misery. Half of the city built with amazing skyscrapers, woman who wear whatever they want, everything just like a European or American everyday life city. Half f it stuck yet back in time with old Byzantium buildings, women who did not even got out of their houses and awful life conditions. The whole country was like this, some towns looking like what is normal for us, the citizens of the ‘evolutionary world’, and some others competing the ones in Africa or other ‘poor and no evolutionary countries’.  They say that only those cities who belong to the European Turkey are the ones who have changed into a more present way, the ones which look like today’s world.
I couldn’t believe that I had finally persuaded my parents to let me come here. We had fight so much over this subject the last two months. At first they didn’t want to let me come at all, then they wanted to come with me. Sometimes their over-protectiveness was getting on my nerves. I was eighteen years old and I had never went to a club or stay out ‘too’ late, some things that were common in most teenagers in Greece. The only time that I went to a club was in one of our school dances few months before I turn eighteen and I could stay only till twelve o’clock and they were the ones who dropped me and took me later. I was a really shame of a Greek teenager….
Of course they read the letter too. They didn’t like what it wrote and they had no idea of what everything meant. In the end we agreed on me coming here just for a couple of nights and then go back before Easter’s night. I had flown here tonight; I would visit Çatalca tomorrow and the morning after I would fly back to Thessaloniki. I would be back two days before Easter, just in time.
I breathed out heavily and moved my gaze up in the sky looking for the night’s most beautiful lights. I was searching for the stars but I couldn’t find any of them. What a shame. I missed my county’s sky immediately. You could always watch the stars in the night sky no matter where you were; you could see them even in Athens, something weird because of the whole air pollution but then again, it’s Greece, a lot of wonderfully weird things can happen.
I moved my gaze back down and turned around to go back to my room. I shut the French doors and moved around in the room opening bags and looking for those that I was going to need now and tomorrow. After a while when I had prepared everything I moved to the bed, I placed the letter on the nightstand and made myself comfortable. Even though the flight was really short I was feeling tired from all the things that had happened lately. Even the thought of what I might meet tomorrow made me feel tired. I tried to empty my head and relax. Something was telling me that tomorrow was going to be one hell of a day.

I stepped out of the taxi and watch the place all around me. This part of the town was composed by half-demolished old houses from 1922 or before. I paid the taxi driver and moved around the old square. Few meters away I heard the taxi driver shouting at me “Maria, more money” in Greek. I rolled y eyes and kept moving forward. Yes, people from Turkey know some Greek too, usually those who have to attract tourists and in towns that are close to Greece. They might not know perfect Greek but they are enough if you want to communicate with them. They also have the bad habit of calling every Greek girl ‘Maria’, not all Greek women are called Maria, only forty five to fifty percent!
This one was trying to tell me that I had not paid him enough money, something that was not true since I had paid him a little bit more than his taxi meter taximeter had shown. Don’t get me wrong, not all Turkish people are like him, heck even in Greece some taxi drivers steal money like that from the poor naive tourists. I moved between the abandoned small roads. I was looking for my great-grandmother family’s house, an old two story old building. Back then having a big two story house was something that only the rich or fine economical people could have. And from what my grandmother told me it was some kind of new because it was built a little before our family had to leave forcefully.
In 1920-1922 there was some kind of an agreement between Greece and Turkey of population exchange. All the Turkish must leave from Greece and all the Greeks except from the ones in Istanbul had to leave from Turkey. It was a real period of chaos. Thousands or even millions of immigrants moving from place to place to reach their home country which couldn’t accept them at all from all the war that was happening before. And not only that. Many Greek people were usually chased and dragged out of their houses in Turkey. Many of them were killed during their long trip to Greece. They had no belongings or food with them since they were allowed to take only what they could keep in their own hands. My great-grandmother’s father took only his shoe-maker machine since he was a Shoe merchant. Oh yeah, they were dark times. And unfortunately it weren’t the only ones.
I turned and reached to an old building. I knew that some years ago my grandmother’s sister and sister-in-law came and visited it. They said that there was an old Turkish living here now. He seemed to be a family’s friend since he was always asking them how the family was and if everything was fine with my great-grandmother’s father. After the exchange many Turkish people tried to take care of the houses to keep them in good shape for the children of the Greeks that left hopping that one day they’ll be back. Some of them even kept in secret many golden belongings that belonged to the Greek families and tried to stop the army when they tried to destroy the houses and steal everything. They even took care of many Greek young children because their families were afraid that they couldn’t be able to survive. The Turkish was really kind people, their government and army was the problem.
I stepped closer to the house. I was not sure if I should get inside or not. I didn’t know what to say. I started moving around it watching the windows for any sign of life in it. As made a whole circle and went back to the front part of the house I heard someone talking to me in Turkish. I turned and found an old man sitting in a chair in front of the house’s door. I stopped and looked at him. I didn’t remember him sitting there before.
He was a little bit fat with a big grey moustache and smoking. He talked to me again but I had no idea what he was telling. Then I show him sighed and motioned for me to get closer. “Come my girl”, I heard him say in Greek. I walked to him. I passed through the small wooden door in the garden and close it behind me just like it was before. I stepped closer to him as I watched him watching me.
“Are you from Greece my girl?”, he asked me in Greek again. “Yes sir…”, I applied trying to seem as more polite as I could. “Are you from Joseph’s family?”, he asked me again leaning towards me. “I am his daughter’s, Fotini, great-granddaughter”, I gulped and answered. I saw him smile at my response, a really heart warming smile. “Good, I’ve been waiting almost eighty years for you”, he stand up and moved inside the house. “Don’t sit there honey, come, come”, he turned and called motioning with his hand for me.
I stepped inside the house. I felt the wooden floor whined in my weight as I moved following him. The house was utterly amazing. I felt like I stepped back in time. The only things reminding me of the reality was a 90’s TV set and some other cables on the floor. “I’ve been guarding them all those years for you to come and take them”, I saw him moving away from a wooden chest and coming closer to me. He leaned forward and offered it to me. A package. A very weird package.
It seemed to be square like and it was wrapped with many white pieces of cloth. I took it in my hands, his weight making me gasp in surprise. I looked up at the old man’s eyes. They were shinning in happiness for a reason that I couldn’t understand. “Um…what…” I looked at the package and at him again not knowing what to do. He shook his head to me in motion that told me to open it. I gulped and looked the package. I moved its whole weight on my left hand and tried to open it with my right. I unfolded the cloths, cut them and unwrapped them carefully.
Soon I came face to face with a book. A really big book. It reminded me of the Evangel (Gospel) Book that they use in the orthodox Christian ceremonies. Its cover’s gold surface was decorated with red jewels and some weird floral designs. I didn’t mind them much; this wasn’t the time to check on them in detail, I could do it later in the safe of my room till the time for me to fly back. I moved my gaze to something else. There was a smaller one package there too.
I looked at the old man. He moved his head to go ahead. I reached a small coffee table close to me and placed the whole package there. I leaned and took the small one in my hands and started unwrapping it. As I was taking of and the last piece of cloth all around it I found myself keeping a big cross in my hand. It was all made by scarlet, almost blood like, jewels and some silver. There was a long silver chain in there too. I took a better look in the cross.
Some of the jewels were bigger than the others and the biggest of them was placed in the center of it. It seemed so weird. It was just an object, nothing mush, just a big weird cross but I would swear that there was something else too. It felt like it was alive… So cold and yet warm enough. I concentrated most on the jewels. They really did seemed like they were made by blood…
“Well… I would love you to stay but you better get going. It’s going to rain soon and if I was you I would like to be in my warm room being surrounded by my own things”, he moved closer to me placing his hand on my shoulder. I leaned and took the book. I went to place the cross in it and cover it again but he stopped me. “You better wear that on your neck. It belongs to you now. I am sorry I can’t explain anything but believe me it’s for the best of both of us”. I looked at him in the eyes looking for all that he was hiding from me.
He knew more but for some reason he didn’t tell me and that was for sure. His eyes were betraying him but they showed also care. I decide to let it go. I wore the cross wrapping many time its chain around my neck. I took the book, wrapped the cloths around it again and started moving to the door. Once we were out he stopped me and turned to face him. “I am really sorry for not helping you mare. Those were my instructions though.” I looked at him with question. “Instructions?”.
I saw a smile appearing under  his big moustache. “Your great-grandmother’s father. Believe me, I do know some more things, mostly about him and his family, your family, but they are nothing in front of what you might learn from that book. From your whole journey in this world. I do know some things but they are not enough to help you as much I would love to”, he patted my shoulder smiling with understanding. I kept looking at him with question pleading him to tell me more, even the little few things he knew.
“What is your name my daughter?”, he asked me politely. “Sofia”, I answered in a hoarse voice. “Good. A good name for a smart girl. It comes from God’s knowledge. Very suitable. Now, Sofia, listen to me. No matter what happens you must not anyone but your family and try to keep all of your friends close. There are going to be many people, lots of people trying to kill you or take what you’ll find away. Don’t let them do that and don’t even hesitate to kill if it needs. You are a fighter, I know that. This is not some joke. It’s truth. It’s life. Unfortunately you come from a very good and powerful family that everyone was trying to get rid of since ancient times. And they almost managed it in the past. Don’t let them do that. You have to go now. God bless you and I bless you. Go before- Agh!” he shouted in pain as he got shot many time in his chest.
I dropped to the floor bringing one of my hands close to my head trying to protect myself from all the stray bullets while holding with the other the package close to my heart. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I turned my face to look at the old man. I saw his mouth moving while his soul was leaving his poor body. “T-the b-back door! N-now please! R-run! D-don’t look back!”.
I nodded with tears threatening to fall of my eyes and get up. I kept my body leaned down while I ran in the house. I crossed the old living room and head to what it seemed to be the kitchen. I felt the old wooden floor whining in protest while I kept being surrounded by unknown bullets flying everywhere. I opened the small wooden door and got in the back yard. I sprinted and jumped the half ruined wooden fence. I felt presences behind but didn’t look back. I kept running in the dark alleys not looking to my family’s old house being destroyed…

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I have write only 3 chapters till now, chapter 4 will be coming soon.
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Dark Secrets Series

Dark Academy
Dark Secrets 1

I started writing this one on wattpad too (you'll find it now on widbook too). It was my second story and the one that I decided to concentrate the most and I've put it in priority. There is another one that belongs to my "priority list". I started writing it on November of 2012 and it's still ongoing. It has 6 chapters right now, soon chapter 7 will be up. It is my longest and biggest story. I think it will reach about 400 pages on a B4 book size. I have thought till now of three books for the series but I think there will be more. The second book will be called "Dark Past" and the third one "Dark Lovers".
This story is also the one that I am planning on sending to publishing agents.


A dark school with dark students.
A human girl with an unknown past.
Dark past.Dark lies.And dark secrets...

The story follows Beth Willow as she transfer to Dark Falls Academy for her last year of high school. The reason of this transfer is her dead grandmother's wish and order for Beth to get what her grand mother have left her in her will. The problem is that this school is for demons and witches and she cannot fit well because of her human nature...or she is not as human as she thinks?! The first book follows her adventure to discovering her family's dark secrets and her true nature. She is facing many problems and dangers. From pissed of demons as classmates to dead ghosts, evil wizards, dark spirits and dirty old demons, life could be so much easier if not so many people didn't want her dead or raped...

Chapter 1

I stood in front of the gate of Dark Falls Academy. The name was perfect for that place. It was dark, misty, cold and dangerous. It described perfect the whole place. You felt like something would come out from the bushes and eat you alive. It didn't seem like school though. I mean come on! Who would choose a name like that for a school?! And who would choose a place surrounded by the woods, full of graves and mist with old classic and baroque buildings for a high school?!
Seriously now,  grandma are you crazy?!
I took a deep breath; I fixed my backpack and started walking. A cold breeze of air messed my black hair and made me shiver. The mist was moving around me silently with grace like it wanted to protect me or drown me. I continued walking on the graveling road having fallen leaves dancing around my legs. As I stepped closer and closer to the main building I could see more and clearer of its surroundings. I could make little by little the baroque designs around the windows and doors frames. In front of the building there were marbling benches and big tables. There were rock pieces, that were two meters high, around the building that seemed to be the leftovers of an old high fence. And then there were the people.

"Hello Miss Willow"
"Hello Mr. Brown"
"Please have a seat" he motioned for me to sit in one of the leather chairs in front of his desk. "I have called you here in order to discuss a few things about your grandmother's will".
"What do you mean? Is there any problem?" I asked him concerned and curious. He leaned in front and put his crossed hands on his desk. He seemed like he was thinking of what to tell me. He was about to speak but I cut him before he could."Why did you call me and not my mother? And why now?  My grandmother has passed away two years now. So what does it matter me too?" 
He opened his mouth to speak but he closed it again. I saw him frowned a little and then he spoke."It does matter you. You see...Your grandmother has left most of her will to you". I dropped my bag to the floor and my mouth was hanging opened.
"Miss Willow?" he seemed concerned and worried.
"B-but...Why? I mean, what about my mother? She-she is her daughter so she should get it all...I-I don't get it!" I lost it. Completely.
"I know. That's pretty rare. Please Miss Willow, calm down". He looked at me for the first time in the eyes while moving his hands in a defense move that showed he tried to make me relax.
"I thought that we had already taken care of that matter". I couldn't get it.
"Well, the truth is no. Your grandmother had mentioned that we should read it for the first time when you'd turn eighteen. She had her own reasons that not either I know. She didn't tell me anything and I'm sorry for the whole trouble" he had a sad look in his eyes. I didn't like it.
"About how much big the will is?" I asked while touching my forehead to calm my nerves.
"Well...Your mother has got two apartments, a small villa in California and a part of a marine company" .
I looked at him with wide eyes and opened mouth. Apartments? Villa? Marine company? What the-?
You gotta be kidding me!
"Miss?" he looked at me with raised eyebrow.
"Excuse me but...Apartments? A villa? A company? Seriously?" I looked at him with an hysteric look on my face and a raised eye brow.
"Y-yes miss. And that's your mother's part. Yours one is way much bigger!".
You are freaking kidding me! My grandmother was never that rich! The woman was living in a freaking ruined old classic building!
"I see..." I told calm while I was trying to calm down. That was too much for me to take it.
"But there is a condition for you" he said while he opened one of his folders.
"Condition? What kind of condition?" I'm sure I had a fool expression on my face then.
"Yes, there is a condition. She said that you'll have to attend Dark Falls Academy for your last year in high school". What? I looked at him with wide eyes and an expression that seemed like a monster had just stolen my teddy bear."Well...Let me explain you. Dark Falls Academy is a private high school. I couldn't find any information about this school. I manage to get in touch with the current headmaster but he didn't knew anything about that too. He found though a form which was filled eighteen years ago. Your grandmother had signed you up to this school since you were born. You'll have to attend this academy and you'll live in its dorms".
"She signed me up since I was born? How can this be possible? Isn't it illegal or something?"
"Well...I don't know exactly..." he was trying to find an answer. Nice lawyer. I'm so disappointed.
"Forget about it. Besides, I have already lost the first whole month. Is it possible for me to move there now? I don't think so"
"Actually, it is possible! As I said before, I talked with the headmaster and you're starting in two days!"

Here I am. Walking straight to my death! It's not the place that scares me. Ok, it is that too. But I can keep up with that one. What I can't keep up with is the people. It always was the people. It was always difficult for me to get along with others. I didn't even manage to get along with the students of my old school. Here it would not only be difficult but impossible. Not only are they going not to be friends with me, they won't even accept my very own existence.
I took a deep breath and tried to clear my Head. I had to calm down. Maybe it wouldn't be that bad. Or maybe not.
I kept walking to the building. The more close I was getting the more the number of eyes I was feeling on me increased. From where I was I could feel death glares of all the girls around me. They may be away but their eyes were showing their hatred. I passed near to some of the old fence's rock pieces. There were a few boys sitting on them while some others were sitting on the ground. They were laughing but as soon as I stepped close to them they stopped and glared at me. Everyone all around was stopping what they were doing and watched me. Every one's heads were moving along my way. Their glares followed my every move. There was one between those boys that was standing out. He was sitting on one or the big rock pieces and all the other boys where around him. He was gorgeous. Dead gorgeous. He had short black hair, his face was one of an angel and he wore black clothes just like most of the others here. I couldn't see anything else about him from where I was. While the others were looking me approaching only when I passed next to them he turned and face me. His eyes were dark; I would swear they were black. He looked at with hate and disgust.
I shivered again and moved my eyes down. I could still his glare on my back killing me. All the eyes were killing me. Slow and torturously.
"What a trash!" I heard a girl saying while passing by a bunch of girls who were sitting on the benches. I put my hand tight around my body. I was feeling cold and exposed, not wanted.
I finally made it to the building's entrance. While I stepped inside one boy get away from his friends and came towards me. He almost fell on me on purpose and hissed at me. Another bunch of girls started laughing from the stairs.
"Poor thing, look how scared she is" I heard another girl saying. Of course I'll be scared! You all wanna bite me!
I heard a new wave of laughs from the people around me. I moved faster and tried to find the headmaster's office.
"It's on the third floor in front of the dragon" I heard a female voice telling me from behind. I turned to face her but she was already away. I did saw though her black long dress and her black witch hat.
Uh? What? Never mind...
I turned back to the entrance to found the main stairs. There were no people anymore at the halls. There were nothing. Only me.
That's strange. I'd swear it was crowded a few minutes ago. I stepped the stairs watching the place around me. After I got to the third floor I started searching for the dragon. I turned my head to the right and then to the left. I was in a big hall but there weren't any dragon or any door neither a secretary's desk. I turned around and looked up then. There was a black sculptured medieval dragon. It's tail was connected with the beginning of the stairs.
She said in front of the dragon.
I don't see anything close to the dragon and behind me there is only a big painting. Where the hell is the damn door!
I heard someone clearing his throat, I turned around again and found an old man, somewhere his sixties, in a black suit.
"Hello young miss, how may I can help you?"
"Umm, I'm looking for the headmaster’s office..."
"Well then you have me. I'm the headmaster and you are in my office" he told me nodding with his head.
"Umm...Oh but...I don't see any office here...".He mention with his hand behind me. I turned around and face the painting again. It was a strange one that covered the whole wall up till up to the ceiling. The shades of the colors were all dark. There were no lights. It wasn't something happy but neither something sad, even though it had a negative and depressing mood, it was something neutral. It had a designed wooden door, and all around there were things such as furniture, foods, books, bowls and plates etc...I would say it was modern art with a dark touch.
"Yeah...that's a painting" I told him like it was something obvious, which was obvious and that was stupid.
"No, it's a door. A secret door" he answered me smiling.
And how the hell would I know it was a door!
He frowned immediately."Language little Miss!" he told me calmly.
But I didn't say anything!
"But I heard everything" he smiled at me again. "Follow me please" he nodded  me so and turned his back at me.
Does he have a two side personality?!
I heard him chuckle again, what the hell?!
He started walking towards the painting and the he pushed the door at the painting. I heard a metallic noise and the door's creek. He opened the door and stepped inside. I followed him inside.
 The office was the opposite of everything here. It was full of light. The wooden furniture may be dark brown or black but all the light that skipped from the giant windows behind the desk made the whole place amazing. From the door to the office there giant book shelves to the left and the right that created a dark mysterious hall which leaded in front of the desk. There was nothing to the desk's sides, there were only a few leather chairs. Everything made you feel something ethereal, something mystical. It was like you were in another century in the past. I felt like I was in a world of death and life, the middle world between earth and heaven.
"This room used to be a secret library back in the 1940.Of course this place is much older. The previously owner of this place was a rich scientist and literary. It was just a secret room till he came and turn into a place where he could read, study and experience in peace. It was a place where he could hide his treasures from the American Army. Unfortunately the Army killed him but they never found this place", I turned to face him. He had a proud expression on his face. He was watching me the whole time watching the place.
"After his death this place turned into a boarding school. The previously Headmaster found this place and turned it into the headmaster's office but he kept the peaceful feeling and everything the previous owner had here a it was".
"Um, you said 'the previously headmaster', so that means you’re the second headmaster that has pass from this school? I mean how many years did the previously one lived to be a headmaster here? I don't get it..." If the school was being operated since 1940 and had only two headmasters in that period of time then how old did they work here?
"I used to be one of his students. Then I became a professor and seventeen years ago I became Headmaster. I know about you. Your grandmother had made a convention with him. But unfortunately I have no idea why. They made it a year before he died and till yesterday no one knew about your coming. I talked with your family's lawyer. I didn't believe him at first but then I found some of the previous headmaster's papers and changed my mind. He wanted you to come for a reason. Your grandmother wanted you to come here. And here you are!" he moved both his hands towards my way.
Yeah. Whatever. I think I should leave.
"No, you'll have to stay! You may be different the deal is a deal and since both of them wanted you to study here you'll have to stay!" he seemed worried for me. I couldn't keep it anymore. I had to blurted out now!
"Can you read my mind? And what do you mean when you say different?".His eyes widen with shock.
"Well, umm....Yes, or no...Maybe...it's complicated"
Thanks for the help!
"I'm sorry but it's kind of difficult to explain it to you right now".
"You did it again!"
"I didn't-" he was stopped by a strange noise. A chuckle.
"You got a problem with the new student Headmaster?" I heard a dark, male voice saying. We both turned our heads the way the voice was coming.
"Seb what are you doing here?" the headmaster asked. I saw a dark figure coming towards us from the giant bookshelves. When he was a few meters away I looked at him and frozen! It was the boy who was sitting on the high broken wall. He looked at me with a disgusted look again.
Oh, no...Not again.
"Seb behave!" the headmaster snapped at him. The boy, Seb, turned his head and looked at him."What are you doing here Seb?" the headmaster asked him again.
"I thought I should pass by and meet the new student" he answered him smirking."Seb, I want the truth!".The boy exhale and turned his gaze at me again and then faced the headmaster again."Professor Mira send me here. She said you should punish me" he didn't smirk this time. Indeed he seemed sad.
"I see. Then I want you to take Beth to her room and then you'll go back to class".
I turned and faced him."How do you know my name?" while at the same time Seb said "Hell no!".We turned and faced each other.
"I know everything you know Beth Willow. Seb will show your room and we'll meet tomorrow after your classes to answer some of your questions. If you need anything you can ask your professors or come and see me. You know where to find me" he smiled at me with such joy in his eyes.
"No", and then Seb had to ruin the happy ending moment of my day. What's his problem seriously?!
I saw headmaster to turn his head at him and glared at him...for hours. It wasn't actually hours but their eyes movements and expressions made you to think that they were arguing in their minds.
"Fine" finally Seb snapped. He turned around and started walking."Her room is the empty one next to yours" the headmaster told him. Seb stopped walking and turned around."There is no empty room next to mine" he said with a dull tone in his voice.
"Yes there is. The locked one is Beth's since long ago. Here are the keys" he threw him large bunch of keys and Seb caught them in the air."And Seb. Behave!" he mentioned to him last.
"Follow me" he told me as he passed next to me. I looked the headmaster who nodded smiling at me to do so and I started walking behind him.
We got out of the main building and then we turned right. He started walking faster and I was trying to catch up on him with o big success. He then went towards a cemetery.
You've got to be kidding me!
I heard him chuckle."You coming?" he asked with a rather joyful voice that I didn't like it."Y-yeah" I started walking fast again. He had slowed down when I stopped but when I got closer to him he started walking even faster.
Oh god! What's his problem?! And why do we have to walk through the cemetery? I don't like it here...
He chuckled again and I swear if it wasn't for his good looks I would have killed him and buried him immediately. He continued his chuckling the whole time till we got out of the cemetery. I believe the reasons were my clumsiness, I almost fell many times, and my fear, when I stepped on a grave and I was terrified that the dead would come out and eat me.
Finally we made it outside of a big building. Actually it was a very, very big old mansion. It was even bigger than the main building that we were before. I must have been staying there starring with my mouth opened for lot of time 'cause Mr. Dark over there told me to close my mouth or else the dead might think I'm some kind of a zombie. Very clever! I just rolled up my eyes and continued following him. The mansion had three floors too, just like the main building. We got to the last floor and head to the east side of the building. While we were walking I decided to learn a few things for him.
"So...your name is Seb, where does it come from?"
Seb, Seberus...Severus Snape, yeah they look alike. They are both dark! Mwa ha ha ha ha...
I saw him frown, he stopped walking and turned around and faced me. He was now angry, I think...
"How dare you to compare me with a filthy human wizard from a freaking childish story such as Harry Potter!"
"Why? He is a great character! Even though he was a totally ass in the movies. I mean you look alike him but not on the outside. And how did you even knew I was thinking about that?!"
After hearing my comments he started laughing. Evilly. Yep, totally Snape!
He then turned around and continue walking fast. I rushed after him."Hey! You didn't answer my question!".He stopped again and faced me."What question?" he looked at me in the eyes while his own ones were full of anger and hatred."You know...About your real name..." I saw a small flash of pain in his eyes but he turned around again and I couldn't see his eyes anymore.
"Sebastian" I heard him murmured."What?" I asked him trying to catch what he said."I said Sebastian! My name is Sebastian, got it now?".My eyes popped out of my head. He was angry. Monsterous angry. I didn't even know why?
We made it to the end of the hallway. He stepped outside the last door. This one was different from the others. It seemed more artistic. It had more sculptured designs and many metal locks. He took out of his pocket the bunch of keys and started to try to unlock all those locks. I watched him carefully.
"Will you stop staring at me? It's annoying!".
"Sorry...Why do you have to be so mean?".
"I'm not mean", he just answered.
"Since the moment you saw me you were".
"Then maybe you are my reason". That was...awkward. And bad. That actually hurt and I don't even know why!
Then there was only silence...It was a very sad silence. He continued unlocking the door while I was looking to the ground. A few moments passed. A few moments full of silence and nothing else. Until he decided to change it.
"You don't belong here", he told me with a calm tone.
"I know", I answered him with a broken voice.
"You should leave immediately", he continued without looking at me.
"I can't". Which was the truth. I heard a metal click. He stopped unlocking the door and open it. He then turned around and started leaving. I watch his back while he was getting away.
"You are never gonna make it here Beth Willow. You don't belong here", and with those last words he got away leaving me speechless staring at his and ready for a cry marathon.

I shook my head to wake up my mind. I'm not gonna cry because of a mean jerk, or because the whole school hates me...I turned and pushed the door to open more. I stepped inside the dark room. There was a small light away across me , I moved there to and found that it was coming from a closed window at the wall in front of me. I went there and tried to open it. After a few minutes of pushing and pulling it opened and then I pushed the wooden blinds. The faded light rushed in the room immediately.
The room was quite large. You'd think that dorm rooms can't be that big. Three people could share that room. It looked like it hadn't been used for years. There was dust everywhere. Everything had a grey color because of the thick bed of dust instead of their true colors. The sheets that covered most of the furniture had turned from whit to yellow.
I opened more the window to let the fresh air get in the room. The air's strong breeze made the long white curtains dance around me and the white sheets to come back to life. I walked to the bed, it was the only one that wasn't covered with a sheet. I let my bag fell on it and then I collapsed there too. A cloud of dust started flying around me and I started coughing and moving my hands to take it away of my face. When the dust set down i notice there was an envelope on the bed next to my left hand.
I shifted forward to take it and looked at it. It was from old paper like the one they used to make the newspapers in the past. I turned it around and notice there was my name written with calligraphic characters in its front side. I opened the envelope and took out a light violet piece or hard paper and read it.
My Dear Beth,
I know that right now you'll have lots of questions. Is really bad that I can't be with you right now to answer every one of them. It had to be like that. There are so many things that you don't know about Dark Falls Academy, about your future life, about your past.
It is your new quest to find who you are, to find about your family's past and about your position in the world.
Dark Falls Academy is not a common school. Everyone here is not human. They believe that you're human but you are not. You are just like them and even more!
The headmaster and your professors will explain to you everything about this 'new world'. They will help you no matter what.
We'll talk again soon.
Just remember that whatever others might say you do belong here!
P.S. Inside the envelope you'll find a necklace that will keep your thoughts safe. You'll have to wear it always! Don't take it off ever! You'll learn too how to read the thoughts soon.
I love you, your grandmother, Morgan Willow
I turned upside down the envelope and I felt something falling on my hand. It was a thin silver chain with a small teardrop like violet crystal.
Oh grandma! What have you gotten me into?

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