Goodbye Cassie...

We'll miss you Cassie...

On 19th of July a very young and talented (mostly erotica) author left our side...

Cassandra Grahams was in a coma after an accident for seven months and even though the doctors said everything was going good she passed away few days ago.

I had read some of her stories and I was a great fan of her.
She seemed to be a very good and funny person and it's a shame that I didn't meet her.
You can find her stories and a bit of information about her at her wattpad profile:

While she was in coma her boyfriend used to write messages informing us about her condition and he was the one who announced us her death. Her funeral was at 23rd of July.

I would like to give my greetings in her family.

I am not good with that kind of stuff, wishes, greetings etc.

And it might not be right to say that I knew how she felt but I do. I used to be depressed a lot, I am still sometimes now and it may be hard but I did try to cut desperately my wrists sometimes in the past but I didn't. I didn't because in the end I decided it wasn't worth of it, it wasn't worth to hurt myself for what some others did to me.
I don't know the reasons why Cassie tried to commit suicide in the past.
I know that the reason of my depression was that I used to be bullied for six years and it was awful. It took me six years to understand what was wrong and that it wasn't me. Two years ago I decided to change my way of thinking and become a better person for myself. Now, eight years later, I am feeling much better. I may be depressed sometimes but is better than before. At least now I don't need to take some medicine to make me happy. XD

And to Cassie's boyfriend, Tristan, I know you are mad and I wish I could tell you sweet words just like everyone else did. I wish I could tell you that I know how you feel but I don't think I can. I didn't lose someone that I love recently like you and it's been a lot of years since someone that I love died, too many that I was too young to remember. What I know is the fear of losing your home from fire, the fear of losing someone you love from crazy people or from a car accident and the fear of losing your own life.

I wish to you, Tristan, to never feel that kind of pain again. To never happen to you again what happened and to never feel the fear of losing someone or something that you love. But most of all I wish you to never lose yourself and your life.

And because I know how much you loved her I wish you to never forget her...

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