Vampire Stories:Revenge

Vampire Stories:Revenge (2012)

This was my first story. It was the first story I published on wattpad.com and my first attempt at writing in English. This one was published first on September of 2012, it reached the 6 chapters but I had to stopped in order to concentrate only at some other story I started writing later. It is currently under on hold mode but I am going to start writing whenever I can.

As you may guess from the tittle it's main theme is vampire. I first thought of that story 4 years ago when I was mostly affected by vampire books and comics. What made me caught to them was the first book of Vampire Academy series and the American manga Vampire kisses: Blood relatives. At that time I had thought about 5 vampire stories that I wanted to create as manga. 4 years later I decided when I found wattpad  that this would be my first story. It was my fifth story from my "Vampire Stories plan", the more mature like, the most thrilling. I thought it would be good to write it in a book form for the reason that it would be a good way for me to remember the story and have later a nice script to turn into manga.

Description of the story

One night when Sheryl was returning from her training she got attacked by some crazy vampire.She fight him but he bite her,but he didn't just drink her blood.After a few days a strange mark appeared in the back of her shoulder,her teeth became sharper and water wasn't anymore enough for her...She left her family and went to find answers about what happened to her,who was that old crazy vampire and why her?
Soon she discovers that she isn't the only girl who got turned by that guy.She agree to become a slave to a young vampire guy in order to help her find him and take her revenge for what he did to her!
But it seems that things doesn't go well and she learns lots of things,not only for vampires,but her and her strange master too...

First Chapter
It was already dark.There weren't people outside because of the unexpected bad weather.I had just finished my training and I was returning home.Usually it wasn't so dark, since it was still the first days of September, but all those clouds had hide the last light of the sun.
I got down from the bus at a stop near my house.All I had to do now was just pass the Church's court, pass across the road after and I would be inside my lovely warm home.A strong wind hit my face and all the orange leaves of the trees around the church started their own dance in the sky as the wind made them fly.
There wasn't anyone around.Usually there were many teenage couples who made out in the benches near the church, guys who were drinking beers on the Church's stairs or kids who were playing football(soccer) around.There was only me, the trees,  the misty lights and the dancing leaves.
I walked deep in my thoughts while I was watching the scene around me when something woke me up.I heard a noise.Something like a rustle but I wasn't so sure.I looked careful around me.
I though I was imagining things so i continued walking.How wrong of me!
I understood my mistake when something or someone grabbed me roughly from behind.I wasn't really in the mood for dealing with some pervert guy so I just pushed him off me really hard. I left my athletic bag quickly down and turned to face the pervert one, ready to kick his ass.
And then I was shocked!
There was a middle aged man, somewhere near forty or fifty, in front me with shoulder-long blond dirty wet hair.He looked like he hadn't take a shower for months.And he had a really crazy look in his face!
I thought he might be drunk or maybe he had just use hard drugs or whatever.But not until I looked into his sharp teeth and his crazy red eyes!
You've got to be kidding me! He can't be a vampire! They exist only in my books, right? Maybe he is just a weirdo killer who loves to disguise like that before he kills his poor victims.
Either though wasn't good.
He started smiling like an idiot and attacked me again.I dodged him and stepped back, away from him.
Vampire or not that guy was really crazy and dangerous!
Even though the police station was close of the church I couldn't run there or call for help because that weirdo was attacking me all the time without letting me do a thing.All I could was to avoid his attacks and hit him sometimes back, which wasn't very easy.
He was so quick and strong.I could barely dodge him.And he didn't even look like he was using much power, unlike me, who was sweating all this time.He continued laughing like crazy all the time and that was pissing me of!
"Pretty pretty girl, and strong" he said smiling.Finally he talked! It seems like he does have a tongue after all.
"What the hell do you want?" I asked him madly.
"Oh and mad too!" he continued laughing.Oh I wanted so much to punch him!What the hell was wrong with that  old man?
"I like you very much"he said looking at me.Yeah, whatever but i don't like you.But i was feeling strange.It felt like his look passed through me.His crazy eyes with that devilish sparkle in them.Holly shit!
I froze immediately and I felt the hair on my back to rise up.I closed my eyes for a few seconds to concentrate.When I opened them he was gone, that wasn't normal for any human, we don't just vanished so quickly!
Then a pain started coming from my neck.
He bite me!
Really hard also!I couldn't believe it.What the hell was happening? And why can't I move? Damn it!
I felt his sharp fangs.I felt him sucking my blood from my body.Even though it was painful I didn't scream.And then the pain stopped and something new came up!
A new, different and unbearable pain, ten times worse than before.What the hell!
I was feeling like he was giving me something.Something new ran through my veins while it was burning my insides.My whole body was on fire!
I tried not to scream this time too but I couldn't stop it like before.It was like death!
I pushed him again.He let me and I fell on the ground.He was still smiling like crazy! And then vanished!
My eyes started to blur, I couldn't see clearly.My last image was the one of the church and the red cross on its roof who faded slowly...
Then everything became all black!

As you may have noticed there were a lot of mistakes back then. I didn't also put any spaces between each sentence. Yeah, it was kind of bad. But I have to inform you that as you can see in my information English isn't my mother language so I can't write perfect...
And yes, I do have some editors who help me to edit them but they are the same age as me so they can't edit them all the time. That's why I am taking it slow, the whole editing thing.
I hope you like it... I would love to hear what you think. If you want to read the next five chapters you can read them here : http://www.wattpad.com/5245079-vampire-stories-revenge-on-hold-for-now-xd-chapter#.UeRRDdJ3Zy0
Or you can comment below and ask me to post them here.

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